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Let me tell you about a friend of mine who was running a full-time app business building reskins. After a year on his own, he had to find a job because there wasn’t enough revenue coming in.

But he did NOT give up…

He continued to build new apps on the side and started noticing that he was getting real traction for one of his apps. And it happened to be in a category he was actually passionate about.


He lacked the funds to invest paid acquisition dollars or to upgrade the app. And he couldn’t touch any of the money he was making through his full-time job, so he felt stuck.

Mind you this is a guy who has millions of downloads for his apps. He’s not a beginner.

This is what he told us during his hot seat in our live mastermind session back in December 2016.

Does this sound familiar to you?

The feedback he received was to think of other ways to make the money and sell the reskins he still had that were generating money.


He took that advice and sold his app portfolio for mid-five figures! WTF!

Amazing, right?!

Do you see the power of an in-person mastermind?

And that’s why I’m hosting this retreat.

This is half conference, half mastermind to give you tailor-made advice that will help you grow and ultimately connect with every single person there.

I promise you this event will be a game-changer for you!

Today is the last day to come to the event for just $499 (that means I actually lose money on the ticket).

Are you ready to learn, grow and connect?

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