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About the Episode

Coming up, how can you use your competitors’ features against them when launching your business? Well I have Rudi Benkovic, lead developer of Poyomi to talk about how they differentiated their business in the crowded photo book space. Also, I’m a little embarrassed by what I said towards the end of the interview. If you catch it let me know what you think. All that coming up right up.

About Poyomi

Create great looking printed photo book from your photos in 5 minutes!

★ Worldwide shipping
★ $6.19 + shipping for perfect bound 20 page photo book
★ Use photos on your iPad or get them from your accounts at:
– Facebook
– Dropbox
– Flickr
– Instagram
– Smugmug
– Picasa

Professionally printed Photo Books are available in multiple formats and bindings – with up to 384 pages per book!

Easy to use interface with advanced auto layout logic will help you create photo books in minutes. Create them for yourself or gift them to your friends and loved ones.

Show Mentions

– Poyomi (iPhone | iPad)

Favorite App: Strava (iTunes | Google Play)

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