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Simple Words for Email Opens

What if there were three simple words that you can use to get reporters to open your email even if you hated writing?

Reporters receive well over 100-300 email pitches a day so sifting through all of them can be a huge pain.

Your email pitch has just a few seconds to get their attention and convince them that your story is worth writing about.

But through my thousands of emails asking for someone to come on to the podcast, trying to get media coverage for me and my clients, getting pitches myself, or just hoping to get my hot wife to go on a date with me, I’ve learned a ton.

In this short post, you’ll discover three simple words you can use in your subject line to ensure a reporter opens your email.

Remember, this is just step one of the process, so make sure the body of your content is just as good and your story is worth covering.

Let’s rock!

#1: Exclusive

I’ve used this strategy to get press on Techcrunch, iMore, BGR etc.

Big blogs love being the first to break news because it means other big sites will be linking to them. And giving the blog an exclusive dramatically increases your chances of getting coverage.

#2: Name

The strategy here is to use the recipient’s first name in the subject line. For example, it could be “Steve, this app is perfect for you…”

And if you want to take it to ninja status, combine exclusive and first name together and hiya!

This is exactly what I did to get on Techcrunch. I gave the exclusive to one of my favorite reporters, Anthony Ha.

#3: First

Don’t you want to be the first at something or everything?

I used “first look” in my subject line when one of my clients was covered 148apps. This is similar to an exclusive in that it feels a little more special than your normal pitch.

What’s worked for you?

Share in the comments below what other subject lines have worked for you. I love this topic and hope to learn more from you! Or if you want to keep the subject line private email me.


  • Podster says:

    Great advice, it makes it personal. We like to use the person’s first name and make a small comment on something that the reporter wrote which pertains to our subject.

  • sdjuarez says:

    extremely important, I think email pitching may look old fashioned but it always works if done with the right tips

  • Amber Hurdle says:

    Great tips with stories to back it up!

  • Mo Sanchez says:

    Awesome strategies for getting in front of media giants like TechCrunch. It makes perfect sense to give them what they want in such genius way. My favorite subject lines are “Hi Bob” or “Bob check this out..” or “Bob you are going to love this..” Thanks for sharing.

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