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PreApps - Sean Casto

PreApps – Sean Casto


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PreApps provides an outlet for developers to harness early exposure, access beta testers, generate critical user feedback, and most importantly rapid downloads upon release. Get 10% off on ALL PreApps marketing services by using promo code AppMasters!

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About the Episode

How do you properly set up your app for a successful launch? Well today’s guest shares why it’s so important to plan your launch and why you shouldn’t wait until future updates to get press. Also, listen to his tip on what to do if your app isn’t getting little to no traction.

Sean Casto is Founder and CEO at PreApps.

Show Notes

Setting Up a Successful App Launch

Get visibility as early as possible. PreApps provides a platform that can help any app developer get visibility as early as the prototype stage. It is also advised that a developer build up that exposure by joining social media, blogging sites and any relevant platform early on so that he can build his email list. PreApps has a feature that will email everyone in a developer’s list and request them to try the prototype and instantly, a developer has his beta testers.

 Planning your Launch and Not Waiting for Future Updates to Get Press

Planning an app launch is so important because the initial number of downloads during the first week or month is what will determine whether an app will ever get featured. Start the process of building relationships with editors a few weeks before the launch.Get the press coverage as early as possible. If a developer is planning an update, make sure to make it visible, get the exposure and get the review as soon as possible.

What to Do if  Your App is Not Moving Ahead

If your app is not moving ahead, Sean advises to relaunch it as a new app. It is all about velocity and volume so it is crucial to get these 2 at the launch. So if the needed number of downloads has not been achieved, Sean actually thinks it is better to rebrand and launch it as a brand new app.

What advice would you give on how to build relationships with the press?

Providing value is key. Don’t be a pester. Don’t be a spammer.




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