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PreApps - Sean Casto

PreApps – Sean Casto


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About the Episode

Are you making the mistake of waiting until after you submit your app to start marketing it? Well today’s guest built a platform that helps you find early beta testers and validate your app ideas. Also, listen to the things you’ll need to make sure you get the most out of your app marketing. And one more thing he’s giving all Mobile App Chat listeners a free featured listing if you use the promo code “CHAT”.

Sean Casto is the Co-Founder and CEO of PreApps.

Show Notes

Our guest today is Sean Casto, the co-founder and the CEO of PreApps. Their company helps developers by providing the tools, knowledge and research needed to position their apps for success in the market. They provide a unified solution to test and market apps in preparation for the initial launch.

PreApps’ contribution to the mobile app community has been immense evidenced by the thousands of mobile apps they have helped launch. With over three million downloads from these apps, Sean shares to us the processes they go through in making things happen for developers, as well as their best practices. Join us today as Sean shares:

  • What it was like in the early days and how they get market exposure which impacts the increase of growth rate of apps being promoted in their site,
  • The deal they landed with Microsoft and the developers they have worked with, such as Overkill 2,
  • How they got the developers and consumers they currently have to build their community in PreApp,
  • What their users are saying about what they want to see in apps being launched which developers must have or do before releasing their products in the market, and
  • The suite of services they offer, such as coming up with a quality demo video, via their range of product packages. 

Shares also shares his interesting background as an entrepreneur and his endeavors ever since. We also got to find out his moments of doubts due to naysayers and great advice that could bring your products to the top.

Show Mentions

– App: Overkill 2: (iTunes | Google Play)

– Fav app: Super Rope: (iTunes | Google Play)





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