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PressFriendly – Joel Andren

PressFriendly – Joel Andren


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About the Episode

Are you having trouble getting press or reviews for your app? Well today’s guest walks us through the key things you need to include in the email when reaching out to the press. Also, listen to his tip on how to find the right co-founder for your business.

Joel Andren is the CEO and co-founder of PressFriendly.

Show Notes

Key things to note when reaching out to the press

PR is a fundamental problem with many layers so Press Friendly built the pitch builder so you can determine which things to include when you are reaching out to journalists. The pitch builder will help you come up with things that you need to provide reporters and with what they want to hear such: what is news worthy about your product, why should I care about it, what are your social proofs, what are the unique angles of your app? Since reporters doesn’t want a press release, pitch builder looks at building an outline so reporters can look at your email and decide whether this is for them or not.

When reaching out to the press, here are other considerations that you need to note of:

  • Make sure that the reporter is a good fit. If they don’t write your particular app, don’t pitch to them.
  • Come up with a compelling story. Show how your app solves a problem in a way that they can understand.
  • Don’t talk about functionalities, talk about value. Don’t tell them about the design, talk about the emotional attachment that a person is going to have with your app. Tell them about what you can enable, how you can delight, and how you can improve people’s experience.
  • Present proof points. Within your beta, find your key engagement metrics which will let them know that your app might be a hit, it might be viral and that people are finding value in it.Share to the reporter to make him understand that your app is good.
  • Be respectful. You want to build a long term relationship with them so be respectful of the way they work. Don’t think of press as something you deserve, but something you can win by being iolite, playing by the rules and showing value.

Finding the right co-founders

Finding the right business partners can make or break your business so find somebody that you have already worked with, if possible, and somebody you are already comfortable with and works well with you. That person should be a positive element in your business and not a distraction, and their skill sets should complement yours. If possible, it would be good if you can do a small project together to check if how you get along before doing a big one. It will not be a perfect relationship but you should be able to come to a place where you meet together.

What is the #1 thing you’d like the listener to walk away with from this interview?

Do something you’ll want to work on even if you don’t want to work on it. Also, solve your own problem. For me, I thought, no one is going to solve this for me so I went and solved it for myself.

Show Mentions

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