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Pretty Masculine - Mike Ruiz

Pretty Masculine – Mike Ruiz

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About the Guest

Mike Ruiz is a world-renown photographer who has shot famous celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Beyonce, Prince, Britney Spears and many others talk about his latest app – Pretty Masculine. Also, listen to the technique he used to drive over 3 million views on his mobile app video.

About Pretty Masculine

Taking photographic art to the next level, Pretty Masculine brand presents an innovative digital photographic book for the iPad. The PM Mike Ruiz app offers never before seen access to the entire creative process including behind the scenes footage, time lapse body art, interviews with models, and much more!

As with the original endeavor, this latest project also highlights the juxtaposition of femininity with masculinity. However, we now look at the intent to deconstruct societal norms and expectations as to what not only what is defined as masculine, but what is defined as feminine as well.

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