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Problemio – Alex Genadinik

Problemio – Alex Genadinik


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About the Episode

Today’s guest has business planning and marketing apps that have over 300,000 downloads and he shares with us mistakes that he sees most entrepreneurs make. Also, listen to what monetization channels work best within his apps.

Show Notes

In this episode, we have Alex Genadinik, the founder of Problemio, who currently has multiple apps in the App Store, Google Play, Kindle and even the Nook! His apps aim to help entrepreneurs reach sweet success by guiding them through the different areas of the business phases.

Initially, Alex goes us through how he first started with the app idea of pooling people’s business practices and though this original plan didn’t work, how it stemmed into a bigger project which then blossomed into the different apps he now has in the market. Observing the common business mistakes that people usually make, Alex had created a business course which is broken down into these four apps:Business Ideas, Business Planning, Marketing and Fund raising.

His apps comewith a feature wherein subscribers can send Alex their questions and get personalized answers straight from the founder.Value for your money!

We share more laughs as Alex also opens up to us about the following:

  • About a big business mistake he had done back in the day where he built a big website with the thought of striking big through ads only to realize too late that it lacked the planning it needed to make it work.
  • His experience with made-up reviews which were meant to bring his app ratings down and lift the competitor’s up. Talking about reviews, we also discuss about how app reviews can be a good marketing tool as they can prompt your audience to purchase paid versions, but on the other hand, how they can also impact your download numbers the other way around if people rate it poorly.
  • With users mostly wanting their apps free, Alex also talks about struggles getting his paid products to be noticed and purchased.
  • His plans of coming up with eBooks to test this channel, his You tube videos-turned-podcast and tips in growing Mobile App Chat through strategies such as effective SEO.

Hit the play button and hear his confession about his unexpected addiction with Candy Crush, his crowd-sourced weather app idea and his advice on all our business minded listeners out there.

Show Mentions

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Mobile Apps for Business Planning , Ideas, Fundraising and Marketing

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– Best Amazon Kindle Business Apps

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– Fav app: Candy Crush: (iTunes | Google Play)

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