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Initially, I did not enjoy client calls – not because I didn’t like talking to my clients and helping them but only because it was challenging for me to switch back and forth. I did not like being on worker mode at one point and then switching to manager mode, the next. For my podcast, I already had a set strategy wherein I block off days for interviews and recordings so my hack for you is to do the same thing.

  • Batching -If you are running an agency, if you are a consultant or if you are running teams, just batch your calls or meetings all at once. The best part of this is that you also get to A/B Test on the fly when it comes to the effectivity of your messaging and how you deliver them. Maintaining a certain schedule also places you in a power position which gives out a message to your clients that you are someone worth talking to. So fight the urge to give in if some would ask you to rearrange.
  • Do 20-minute calls–If you have an 8-hour window per day, setting initial client calls to 30 minutes will only give you a total of 16 meetings. If you chose to do 20 minutes instead, this will expand to 19-21.

Do certain things in certain days. Allocate your time wisely.

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