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How to Be Newsworthy?

When writers and journalists write about you, they will be looking for something that you just have done. It’s not just about your existence.  So, only contact the press if you make any changes or new features in your app. For example, if there’s a study about a particular feature that you just added to your app, link the study and the app and inform the press what you just did.

Another opportunity to be newsworthy is when you get featured in a publication. You can ask the other outlets to write about you too. You can also ask a popular site or blog to cover your updates exclusively. If you are featured in the top-tier blogs, chances are high that the smaller blogs will also write about you.

So the routine is, every time you add something to your app or something happens that relate to your app, it’s an opportunity to get your app out there.

How to Approach Journalists to Write About your App?

Journalists who write apps love apps. So, approach those who share the same interest and explain the cool things about your app. If you haven’t released your app yet, offer to give a preview look or sneak peek but never ask anything in return. Dan recommends that you reach out to journalists three weeks prior to your release date because some take time to respond to emails.

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