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Reserve - Greg Hong

Reserve – Greg Hong


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About the Episode

How do you build strong partnerships with well-known brands? Well today’s guest walks us through his process in dealing with big brands in the restaurant space. Also listen to how he overcame an early “no” that he received into an eventual partnership.

Greg Hong is CEO and Founder at Reserve.

Show Notes

Building Strong Partnerships with Well-Known Brands

To ensure that you keep smooth relationships with your partners, Greg shares that it’s important that they feel that they have a part into what you are building, that the tools you are building are important for their businesses and for their voices to be heard. We would also benefit from hearing their feedback so take their criticism and use it to reflect and improve your product.

Overcoming Rejection

When they first approached one of the very first restaurants they presented their idea to, they were told that it was the worse idea ever and that it will never work. This got them questioning if they could really pull it off but fast forward to about nine months later when  they were ready to go through their beta testing , their general manager reached out to that restaurant group and they became one of their flagship partners in Los Angeles. Greg shares that getting through this hump took taking the risk, morphing the idea to become better through feedback and really believing your product.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to build a mobile app?

Think through your idea. Take the time to make sure that you are building something that resonates to the people that you are putting it out for and ensure that you listen to them.

Show Mentions

Interview on App Entrepreneurs Association

– Fav app: Reserve: (iTunes | Google Play)

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