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Rumgr - Dylan Bathurst

Rumgr – Dylan Bathurst


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About the Episode

Do you know how your ideal customer is? I mean really know them? Well today’s guest talks about how he found his true customers by taking them out for coffee and the key lessons he learned through those conversations. Also, listen to how he was able to get his former boss, the CEO of Zappos Tony Hseih, to invest in his company.

Dylan Bathurst is the Co-Founder of Rumgr.

Show Notes

Finding Your Ideal Customers 

One of the cultures that Dylan had adapted in working with Zappos is their trait of being able to really connect with their users and always being customer-oriented. This was something he took to Rumgr so he aimed to get to know who his real customers are and took steps to get to know them more. He did this by going through the app and checking on what customer profile pops up a lot. He would then hone in to that specific customer segment, send cold emails to people fitting that profile and meet up with them over coffee. He had gained lots of insights and data during these conversations that enabled him to improve his app.

Don’t focus on everybody but only on people who needs your app. Once you determine who these are, find out more about them to find more people who fit the profile. It’s tough to scale but it’s worth putting the effort in to go to coffee shops and hear their stories. Its fun and you can get tons of information.

Getting Your Boss to Invest in You 

Dylan and Tony didn’t know each other that much when he was still with Zappos but he was able to get in on board in this project. This is because before starting Rumgr, Dylan had already started doing stuff for the community that Tony had noticed and when the time came that they asked for funding, they had already gained his favor due to their care to build their community up.

Tony was also passionate about doing something for the community and he liked Dylan’s team and decided to support this. He was investing the team rather than just the idea.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to build a mobile app?

Find your customers and validate the idea with real people before you start building the app.

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