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Coming up, I’m gonna share with you my secret sauce for finding and making profitable apps. Stay tuned!

My Secret Sauce to Grow Applications

Start with market research because this is very important. Look for apps that are making $100 to $400 dollars a day or those making a $1,000,000 to $2,000,000 a month and analyze what types they are.

You can use a tool called App Annie to look at the top grossing charts or you can go under different categories and click the app that makes at least $400 a day.

You can also use another tool called Sensor Tower. Search for the app and Sensor Tower will give you the app profile, including its estimated revenue and downloads for the previous months.

A lot of people think that their idea is unique when it’s not, so study the app charts if you want to make a successful app in the app business.

My Favorite Campaign to Growth Hack Downloads

Make something that people would normally have to pay for and make it for free. The traditional way is, if you have a paid app, you make it free for a couple of days and get press for it on a site called App Advice or BGR before running your promotion.

You will get tons of downloads and then you make it paid again. You will actually make more money for paid apps because you hack the the top paid charts, creating extra revenue.

For free apps, you have to give away something that is generally paid so it’s either giving away virtual currency if you’re developing a game or removing ads. For productivity, if you’re doing subscription app, you can give two weeks away for free.

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