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As you may know, Apple redid the App Store with the launch of iOS 11. The focus right now is more editorial and they are doing more features. This is a great way to see what’s happening, what Apple is focusing on, what themes are coming up from Apple’s perspective and what they want to see in apps. These things are good to know because you can leverage on these information when pitching as this is the spot where you want to be on.

To see the historical data of Apple’s New Today Feature tab:

  • Go to Sensor Tower.
  • Click on Top Charts and News.
  • Go to Featured tab and choose Today in the drop down.

In this page, Sensor Tower will show you the last four days’ worth of features as you will have to pay to see more historical data. If you have been checking this is a daily basis, this will cut your efforts down as you can now schedule this every four days instead. This gives you a sense of what’s happening per country as well, as it has filters so you can view it per location. This is a powerful space to see what’s happening in the App Store.


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