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Eric Owens is the owner and co-founder of . He’s been brokering the sale of internet businesses for the past 14 years and mobile apps in the past 6 years.

Here are three ways to set up your mobile app and sell it for maximum value.

  1. Make sure that your app is high-quality because your customers will be paying a premium price for that. Buyers prefer to acquire a single high-quality app compared to a whole portfolio of crappy apps even if the latter makes more money.
  2. Another interesting trend today is that buyers like to maintain their apps and do updates. This isn’t expensive, but it requires mental bandwidth to manage it.
  3. Take out a few new listings for subscription apps where if you can justify doing a subscription model because there’s a huge demand at the buyer side for that. For those who are starting out, one way to go is to do a research and find a niche where you can use subscription apps and focus on that.

What to Prepare If You Want to Sell Your Mobile App

If you are planning to sell your mobile app, it’s better to have a checklist of stuff to put together. Make sure to get all the stuff ready. For instance, you should have a folder containing all the assets because this is something that the client would definitely look for.

In addition, when your assets are ready to go, setting up will make things go so much smoother and easier. Also, prepare your financials and analytics ready. This time, buyers not just look at the revenue, they also examine user retention and user acquisition and how revenue matches up to that.


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