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Shake – Abe Geiger

Shake – Abe Geiger


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About the Episode

How do you balance between building features that you know will be valuable in the future versus building for your current users? Well today’s guest is the founder and CEO of Shake and he talks about how he approaches this very problem. Also, if you’re having trouble figuring out what colors you should be using then listen to how he landed on using orange for his app.

Abe Geiger is founder and CEO at Shake.

Show Notes

Building for the Now and for the Future

One of the biggest struggles that their company has encountered is between building and iterating their products basing on the feedback from their customers and being forward thinkers and developing the project into something which is ready for the enhancements of the future. Their company aimed to be responsive to their users and build something that they want but since this market is basically thinking of how they can enjoy the app as of this moment, on their end, they also prepared developments which can place them in the fore front by building new things such as signing with touch id or fingerprints and using Bluetooth.

Choosing the Perfect Hues

They have ended up choosing orange for their app in line with what the color means: creativity, excitement and happiness. They found the color red as a bit alarming and yellow seemed way too happy. A lot of companies covering legal and productivity businesses also use blue in their logos and branding, which means integrity and trust. It makes sense to use blue but they wanted to be different and to be more consumer-friendly so they looked at their competitors and chose a contrasting color.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to build a mobile app?

Be really focused and make it as simple as you can.

Show Mentions

– Fav app: GroupMe: (iTunes | Google Play)

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