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Shodogg - Herb Mitschele

Shodogg – Herb Mitschele


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About the Episode

Today’s guest has a new app that allows any mobile device to connect and direct any content to any web-enabled screen. I got a demo of it and it’s pretty cool. Also, if you’re thinking about taking the entrepreneurial leap listen to our discussion about how we both took the leap and the key lessons learned along the way.

Herb Mitschele is the co-founder and CEO of Shodogg.

Show Notes

Ever felt nervous about sending strangers presentations you spent so many nights working on or maybe got frustrated because you can’t share files due to differences in software or operating systems? The app featured today works with a technology that seamlessly allows you to share any content from one device to another without the usual hassles, as it works through screen sharing.

Our interactive guest today is HerbeMitschele, co-founder and CEO of Shodogg. Get ready to have your cups filled as he shares to us the following ideas and stories:

  • A brief history of ScreenDirect — from the idea of a college professor trying to circumvent systems at school to download needed content to the enterprise tool it is today.
  • How ScreenDirect can aid simple users and different businesses through directing content to any mobile device despite of what operating systems are being used,
  • His background in the toy industry, his transition to becoming a full time entrepreneur, and his personal struggles along the way,
  • His thoughts in the balancing family and entrepreneurship, and
  • How their partnership with actor Seth Green came about.

Hit that play button as there is much to learn from this conversation with our zealous guest, from starting small, having a mindset of not fearing failure and learning as you go.

Show Mentions

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