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You’re going to discover a simple way to increase your day 1 retention rate. 75% of app downloads who open your app once, never come back! That’s why it’s so important to make sure your day 1 retention rate is rock solid.

Sunny Cha is the VP of Marketing at Tenjin.

How to Increase Day 1 Retention Rate

A number of people download an app but don’t use or even open it after. This is something that needs to be addressed if you want to retain your users.

Sunny recommends that you use messaging like email notification and push notification to remind the user that they downloaded your app and have to complete the next step to move forward. This will bring those users back to your app.

Sunny thinks that it’s not wise to just wait for those users to come back to your app. You should take actions to keep them, so they would stick with you. This is very important if you want to increase your retention rate.

Use Rewards to Bring Users Back to Your App

According to Sunny, people love to be rewarded and you can use this to bring them back to using your app. For instance, you can offer a reward tutorial completion where you will help the user go through your app and let him see how cool your app is.

Sunny mentioned an Esau game called Trailer Park Boys that used this approach.  According to her, when the user downloads the app, he will see a little bit of the story and will be guided on how to progress through the various levels. For her, adding this kind of feature is a smart move because it will encourage the user to spend time with your app and he might like the app after seeing and experiencing it. 

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