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Simply Made Apps - Bill Burgess

Simply Made Apps – Bill Burgess


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About the Episode

How do you build simple, beautiful apps that make users fall in love with the product? Well today’s guest talks about how focusing on the last 5% of an app can make a world of a difference. Also, listen to his story of how he had to buy out a founding member and how you can protect yourself if you have to go through the same situation.

Bill Burgess is the Co-Founder/CEO of Simply Made Apps.

Show Notes

The Last 5% :The Game Changer

Some apps seem to have gotten everything together but upon closer inspection, you would find that they are missing that 5% which could change the game.            It can be the little things like making sure that your app looks good in all orientations, having the status bar flip to a lighter color when you have a dark background, or using the appearance theme appear so you can tint all of your buttons. These little details can make a world of difference to your users so pay attention to them.

How to Prevent Ugly Buy Outs

Simply Made Apps originally started with three members but there came a point where principles clashed and it ended with Bill having to buy out on of the partners so business can continue on. Buy outs can be emotionally difficult and some companies do not survive it, especially if you do not have the funds to do that. Fortunately, they were able to come up with an arrangement where everyone was happy and where business can thrive on.

In line with these scenarios, Bill advises that it would always be wise to have legal documents stipulating what will happen when a team member leaves so you are protected. You never know what will happen so it pays to be covered.

What advice would you give to anyone looking at building a mobile app?

Have a vision of what you are trying to accomplish as it makes what you need to learn easier since you know exactly what you are looking for.

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