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Slickdeals - Jeffrey Storey

Slickdeals – Jeffrey Storey


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About the Episode

Are you looking to build a community within your app? Well today’s guest is the Director of Mobile Product at Slickdeals and he tells us how to cultivate a community so that they want to contribute to your product. Also, listen to the part of the show where he shares how they translate the millions of monthly visitors on the web into a friendly mobile experience.

Jeffrey Storey is Director of Mobile Product at Slickdeals, LLC.

Show Notes

Cultivating Your Community

Jeff shares that they key to building a community is to make sure that your users have all the things that they want and need in your apps and in your sites. Be authentic and genuine, be responsive and notice even the small nuances of your product. In addition to that, make sure your app does one thing really, really well. For Slickdeals, for example, they have a great front page of amazing deals to make sure that that when a user comes in, it will be an absolutely seamless experience. Focus on the fundamentals and make sure you listen to the community.

From Web to Mobile

Slickdeals gives users the options on how to go about viewing their app. They add settings which are in the desktop or another set up where consumers can consume content in whatever speed they want and however they like.Grid view? Condensed list view? They can give them that.

Show Mentions

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