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This podcast interview was originally published on SMB Stories on May 4, 2017.

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Starting a side business (or “Side Hustling”) is something that seems to get a lot of attention now-a-days.  There are a number of podcasts dedicated to it (ex: Side Hustle Nation with Nick Loper and Side Hustle School with Chris Guillebeau–who also wrote a book I love, $100 Startup). I think that’s a good thing.

However, in my view, you need to understand what you are trying to accomplish with a side hustle. Is your end goal just to have a little extra income or are you trying to turn it into something more.

Steve Young, founder of AppMasters, argues that you are not a real entrepreneur if you are just running a little side hustle.  I’ve written my thoughts about this before.  He should know, because he side hustled for 10 years before he started on the real deal.

There’s nothing wrong with running a side hustle. But if you want to make it something more,  you may find Steve’s story helpful.


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