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Sortly - Dhanush Balachandran

Sortly – Dhanush Balachandran


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About the Episode

How do you figure out your in-app purchases prices? Well, today’s guest is self-described pricing geek and he shares his tactics on how he came up with his in-app purchase strategy. Also, if you’re just getting started with iOS development then listen to the resources he used to turn himself from a marketer into an iOS developer.

Dhanush Balachandran is the creator of Sortly.

Show Notes

Our guest for this episode is Dhanush Balachandran, creator of Sortly, a productivity app that helps organize all your things by creating a visual inventory that you can easily search, manage, and categorize.

Sortly was previously labeled as My Things Where Are They but Dhanush had recently rebranded the app and had reaped gains shortly after. Find out about this as well as these other highlights of my discussion with Dhanush:

  • How a messy friend inspired the creation and release of Sortly,
  • Steps he took to become proficient in IOS, the hardest part in learning IOS development and what resources a beginner can use if interested in programming,
  • Getting featured organically and his innate willingness to invest money in marketing,
  • The changes and differences between My Things Where Are They and Sortly, the rebranded one,
  • How they came up with their price structures and the buying pattern of their subscribers, and
  • Losing a co-founder and the lessons and best practices which came out of it.

Dhanush had also shared to us that the biggest thing he had learned so far in this business is developing patience.  He states, “Dreamswill happen but not always within your timeline”. Let us learn the art of patience as well as it can get us far.

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