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StartAppYard - Vojtech Svarc

StartAppYard – Vojtech Svarc


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About the Episode

Are you looking for another revenue source in the app business? Well today’s guest made nearly 5 digits selling his Flappy Bird reskin and he talks about how you can get started selling source codes. Also, listen to how he finds the which source code to actually build and sell.

Vojtech Svarc is the founder of StartAppYard.

Show Notes

You are in for the treat today as we have more than just good discussion to give out in this episode! With me today is Vince Schwartz, the founder of, a company which sells exclusive source codes and gives you the support you need to get started.Vince has put out 3 original apps and 9 reskins in the market so far and is showing no signs of stopping.

Vince graciously shares to us how their Flappy Bird source code generated revenue close to five digits and how he had landed the code and the rights in the first place. Below are the highlights of our discussion:

  • Getting into the business of selling source codes upon seeing the convenience of having a ready-made code which people can experiment with without having to give up an arm and a leg;
  • Building codes from scratch to understand and know the codes to support his users and documenting everything to give his products more value;
  • How he goes about figuring out which app or which code to build;
  • Not being short-sighted by building a circle, controlling the number of copies of the codes he sells for long term goals;
  • How he built his clientele through Facebook and how it evolved from there;
  • The tools he uses for his analytics, how he finds his outsources, and
  • How he takes negative comments about reskinning and the common misses that reskinners usually make. 

The show does not stop here though as Vince is giving away a source code free for Mobile App Chat listeners…wohooo!

But wait..there’s more! Tell us what kind of theme you would put a Flappy Bird source code on and we will give you aude my course to make a flappy bird reskin. Only the best idea will get this gift so get those creative juices flowing!

Show Mentions

– App: Mega Jump: (iTunes | GooglePlay)

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