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About the Episode

Are you looking for clever ways to get exposure and downloads for your app? Well today’s guest walks us through 3 outside the box app marketing ideas that you can use to stand out of the crowd. Also, listen to the story of how he earned his first dollar and how that taught him a key lesson in how to pivot your idea.

Adam Pollock is the Founder of Sticky FM.

Show Notes

Three Fresh Marketing Ideas to Get You Noticed

  1. Colleges and Universities – they have powerful networks and organizations, such as fraternities and sororities, which are usually nationwide. If you can arrange a fundraiser or referral programs with them, these organizations will promote it and put it in their social media and potential for this to go viral will be something you should greatly consider.
  2. Throw a Twitter Party–this is a real-time interactive event that takes place on Twitter at a certain time where everyone uses the same hash tag, including yourself as the host and all of your guests, so you can communicate with each other. Hype this up ahead of time and the key to bring people in is to give away prizes – promo codes, gift cards, stickers, no need to be fancy. It helps to have a flow and agenda to the party or do this in partnership with other apps. You can get re-tweets and you can watch yourself trending.
  3. Radio – we assume that traditional radio is expensive, or its offline or maybe it’s not for you because you don’t know how it works, but using radio for a direct response campaign can drive downloads. A direct response campaigns is basically driving a person who listens to your ad to do your call to action. It is also simple to track effectiveness as you know when your ads will air and you can match it up to spikes or trends of downloads.

Failing, Pivoting and Succeeding

Adam had his first entrepreneurial idea back in high school in the form of giving a skateboard the functionalities of a snowboard. He replicated the sphere of a roll on deodorant to do the trick and went through the whole process – prototypes, patenting, etc. – only for his invention to fail. This path didn’t work out for him but he learned a lot from the experience and he pivoted towards book-writing. He got his own website and a merchant account, which was a big deal in 1999 as there was no Paypal yet, and made his first dollar selling his book. His first idea may not have been the one which brought home the bacon but he kept on moving.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to build a mobile app?

Don’t do what everyone else is doing. You are not going to get the big ticket just copying everybody else or building something which is not unique. Change the rules, think outside of the box, do something different, and you will find success.

Show Mentions

– Fav app: Timberman: (iTunes | Google Play)

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