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Storm Factory - Gregory Storm

Storm Factory – Gregory Storm


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About the Episode

How do you go from writing and appearing on network TV to building an app business with over 2 million downloads? Well today’s guest tells us his story and his approach to building a diverse and sustainable app business. Also, listen to the part of the show where he shares how he was able to get over 200 comments from his exact target audience.

Gregory Storm is the President & COO at Storm Factory.

Show Notes

Diversifying Your App Business

Formerly a screen writer for a network television, Gregory got into the app business upon realization that mobile apps are perfect distribution models for his future projects and to help his wife distribute her videos through Apple’s platform and systems.

In contrast to other developers who aim to cover as much audience as they can, Gregory’s approach is to focus on smaller markets. For sustainability, he has about 25 apps which he built for niche audiences as his long-term goal is toget the attention of potential businesses who would want to sell to active users of his apps or buy the app altogether. He does not think simply about making quick money from the apps but also to diversify his portfolio on top of giving value to his end users long term. This gives him more ways in controlling his creative destiny.

Validating Ideas Through Facebook Groups

When Gregory was trying to validate his ideaabout having a gluten-free app, he had thrown his concept of in two Facebook groups. Between thumbs up, likes and comments, he had received about 600 responses overnight! If you are looking at trying the same strategy, try researching groups through search engines such as Bing and Google so you can have a temp check of your target audience before you start off.

Show Mentions

App Entrepreneurs and Marketers Group

– Fav app: Facebook: (iTunes | Google Play)

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