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Coming up –Today’s guest shares the pricing tests that she’s ran for her clients to increase mobile app subscriptions. Also, you will discover how she balances running an agency and making her own apps; and the key decisions that have helped her company develop better products.

Chetna Chandra is the Co-Founder & COO at Studio Mosaic

Show Notes

Why Run a Pricing Test?

Chetna tests a lot of factors on her app including UI, screenshots, and pricing. Initially, they thought that they have to keep their price very low for people to try it. However, their price test revealed that the users are willing to pay a higher price if the product is good.

The pricing points will differ depending on your product, and you should test the look and feel of the UI and pricing page.

They tested different pricing points and the best-selling package was the one with the highest price. A good strategy for this is to promote your best package as the best value package, so users will choose that when they subscribe.

Key Decision To Build a Better Product

For Chetna, one of the key decisions they had made is getting her team in-house. She found it difficult to control her team’s delivery when she was working with freelancers. When they finally had an office, they were able to constantly question and debate about their product. She also has a dedicated designer who constantly updates their design for a more modern and international app.

Second, she was very pleased that she hired a project manager. She and her husband were very hands-on with their app development team and they didn’t know what they needed. When they hired a project manager, everything got streamlined beautifully. The project manager helps her align the business goals with their development goals and everything fell into place.

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