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Super Cool – Jordan Price

Super Cool – Jordan Price


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About the Episode

Do you have a grand vision for your app that includes a crazy amount of features? Well listen to how today’s guest decided to remove all the inhibiting barriers during his app development process and how that completely changed his mind set. Plus, listen to how today’s guest went through 4 developers and the lessons learned along the way.

Jordan Price is the designer and developer of Super Cool.

Show Notes

One of the major means of communication for social media users nowadays are through photo sharing, as evidenced by the daily flood of pictures and the pouring of likes that go with its posting.  Instagram alone has 16 billion photos shared and 1 billion likes gained daily in just over 3 years of its foundation.

Suffice to say, there is a market for photo apps and our guest today aims to make your photo sharing more fun and super cooler.  In our show today, we have Jordan Price, a designer, artist and the founder of the app which is coming soon to iPhone: Super Cool.  Let’s chat with Jordan today as he shares the following:

  • The massive library of fun stickers he is building, the streetartist type designs, the high quality artworks and everything that you should look forward to about Super Cool,
  • His experience with his previous app creations from fitness app to camera app and his thought process in finally landing with his third — a photo app,
  • How he walked through the actual sticker designs — from pen and paper to using Flinto for mock ups to work out the elements and functionalities,
  • His outsourcing struggles starting from sifting through candidates, hiring the wrong people, challenges in communication and time zones, and using some tips from App Empire to finally partner with the right person,
  • And learning the art of selling to get other artists’ buy in and contribution and the challenges in convincing them to sign especially in dealing with the politics.

We get to find out that Jordan has dealt with negative chatters as well, just like most of us, and shares how he gets through these.  To reciprocate Jordan’s input, I also share marketing strategies that you may we want to try out so stay tuned!

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