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656: Gonzalo Juarez, Co-Founder of eTips

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Coming up is a very good friend of mine Gonzalo Juarez.


You’ve heard me talk about connections, a ton and Gonzalo was a guy I met on a webinar that I was hosting back in 2014 and since then we’ve been almost every WWDC together and we’ve come really good friends helping each other out in the app business.

You’ll learn how he created this with this brother, the difficulties that come with having a business with your sibling and a lot about death – I talk a lot about death in this. How you grew up and what it really means to be an entrepreneur and his move from Argentina to the Bay Area.

So stay tuned.

Gonzalo Juarez is the Co-Founder of eTips.

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eTips: How to Increase Downloads by Localizing Your App with Gonzalo and Sebastian Juarez

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Are you looking for a sure fire way to increase downloads for your app? Well today’s guests have over 150 apps and they school us on why we are missing a huge piece of the pie by NOT localizing our apps. Also, if you have a few apps in the app store and are looking to scale up, then listen to the part of the show where they talk about how long it took them and what processes they put into place.

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