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Describing our apps is really hard and there are certain formulas which we should use to get Apple’s attention. A compelling app description is what you will need to get someone’s attention really quickly and make them lean forward. Whether you are doing an email pitch or filling out an Apple form, you can employ these formulas, which are three of my favorite hooks:

  • Your App = Product A + Product B – A subject line that you can use, for example, is “Scrabble meets Solitaire”.
  • Lead with Social Proof – Show that you already have a leg up and have already done something. An example for this is writing the following in the first line of your app description“ I. Powered Meditations from Renowned Teachers”. So what’s the social proof? Anytime you have something powered by A.I. works well and the word ‘renowned’ has weight in it. Try playing with words which are not too familiar but not too hard to comprehend as well just to make things fresh. Instead of the usual ‘famous’, I used ‘renowned’ in this case.
  • Use Popular Culture – A subject line which I used which got one of our clients featured is “X-games like hand eye coordination with Paintball Rush”. Sometimes it’s hard to talk about games in a cool way so leverage on terms and pop language so your target market can relate and can grab their attention.


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