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Tapity – Jeremy Olson

Tapity – Jeremy Olson


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About the Episode

Have you reached out to bloggers and app review sites and been completely ignored? I know I have. Well today’s guest has been featured on Techcrunch, Forbes and has even won an Apple Design Award and he talks about what you should be doing when marketing your app. Also, listen to his tip about why studying other people’s successes has been pivotal in creating his own success.

Jeremy Olson is the founder of Tapity. If you want to learn more from him, check out his brand new App Making course.

Show Notes

Marketing Your App Successfully

Jeremy shares that he began where everyone has started: Ground Zero. Five years ago, nobody knew about him, he had no connections and very little chance of getting featured. His advice is for us to stop thinking of marketing as something which you need to do when your apps come out and think that there are real people behind these brands and that they want to find the best apps that they can review so they can still have their job. If you have an amazing app, they will want to find out about it so you have to give them something noteworthy to write about.

In addition to this, you need to start building relationships with the press and with influencers if you want to make your market bigger. For example, he got his first big break in the developer community when TapTapTap wrote about his blog in theirs after they saw that they were getting hits from his blog because he was talking about them.

Learning from Other’s Success

When Jeremy was just starting to build his own app, he does not have experiences when it comes to failure yet so he learned from others’ success. He started learning from people like TapTapTap, Tapbots and the companies which are successful time and time again. He learned that design and marketing were very important so he focused on those two. He honed in one design to make it both usable and delightful and began his first form of marketing by starting a blog.

What advice would you give to anyone looking at building a mobile app?

Learn from success. Learning from failure is important but it’s like shooting at a target with a blindfold on. But learning from success is really knowing where the target is as you see how the people before you did it and in this way, you can implement their strategies.a

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