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How to Make a Video Ad For Low Cost-Per Installs

For those who wanted to create a Facebook ad for low cost-per-installs, Shamanth recommends that you try a mix of different formats and test it. However, he noted that the most popular format lately is videos, especially very short videos that depict a single key event moment.

For instance, for a trivia game, they show somebody answering a question. He recommends that if you are using an app that allows people to do something, then you show the actual art happening on the iPad while the user is doing it. You have to show that moment of achievement just as how people would do if they actually use the app. This is very crucial in making the ad effective.

He also suggests that you share the video on Instagram stories and Facebook as these platforms autoplay the clips. One doesn’t need to tap the screen or click it to play the video, it will just start playing and they will see themselves experiencing the product as they actually would. This is the format that Shamanth recommends because it’s the most successful one lately.

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