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Marin Knezovic

Marin Knezovic


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About the Episode

Are you a web developer who wants to get into mobile app development? Well today’s guest is a web developer turned app developer and he talks about the platform he used to develop his latest app. Also, listen to his story of spending too much time on his game and not enough with his family and the key lessons learned along the way.

Marin Knezovic is the creator of Tiny Football Manager.

Show Notes

Developing his app with Corona

Marin knew some Java and he first started developing his app using objective C. But when he bought a Mac, objective C didn’t work well with it so he tried Corona. Learning it proved to be really easy and it only took him days to master it. From then on, he worked with this platform in building his app.

Family first

Marin spent two and a half years making his game. Enthusiasm was high at first and he spent every minute of his spare time building the game. As time went by, the initial enthusiasm went away and there even came a time when he thought of giving up. When he got a programmer and some designer on board, his enthusiasm went back and he was back in the game.

But all these dedication to his app took its toll as he hardly spent time with his wife and kids. His free time were spent wrongly, a mistake he has been correcting since the realization that family should always come first. Now, if he has an hour free, he would drive home to see his wife and kids and on Sundays, he would not look at the computer and would spend every minute he can with his family.

There will still be instances that even if he is with them, he can still lose focus as his mind is still in the game but good thing that he has a very understanding wife who is currently his biggest supporter.

What is the #1 thing you’d like the listener to walk away with from this interview?

Start out thinking small especially if you are new to mobile development.

Show Mentions


– Fav app: Sleep Cycle: (iTunes | Google Play)

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