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Tresensa – Rob Grossberg

Tresensa – Rob Grossberg


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About the Episode

Has the window of opportunity in the mobile app stores officially closed?

Well, today’s guest talks about why building games on the mobile web opens you up to a whole new distribution channel. Also, listen to the major setback the company went through and the key takeaway that you can use in your business.

Rob Grossberg is the co-founder and CEO at Tresensa.

Show Notes

TreSensa is a mobile game development and distribution company whose focus is on the mobile-web through HTML5. For this episode, we have their co-founder and CEO, Rob Grossberg, to walk us through how mobile app developers can tap TreSensa for their product needs.

Here are the highlights with my discussion with Rob:

  • About TreSensa and what made them want to start the company,
  • Online flash game portals, mobile chats and additional emerging distribution outlets that he is excited about,
  • How it is to get a game up and going using TreSensa,
  • Two areas of their technologyused for launch and distribution monetization,
  • Sample codes that indie developers can use to get a handle on things,
  • Key take away and things he learned in DoubleClick, and
  • How being a corporate lawyer by trade helped him become business inclined.

Rob had also recently raised $2M and had HBO as a client but despite this, he shares that there can still be low points in careers. Listen in as he tells us how he picks himself back up when going through a depression period.

Show Mentions

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