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Trunx - Sandra Ponce de Leon

Trunx – Sandra Ponce de Leon

Trunx – Joe Frabotta

Trunx – Joe Frabotta


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About the Episode

What is one area of app marketing that we maybe overlooking? Well today’s guests talk about why starting with the brand can lead you down the right path for marketing copy, design, and much more. Also, if you allow your users to sign up for your app through social networks, then listen to the part of the show where Joe talks about the two step signup process and how that has led to improved conversions.

Sandra Ponce de Leon is the VP Marketing at Trunx.

Joe Frabotta is the Director of Marketing at Trunx.

Show Notes

Branding Ideas and Methodologies

Trunx had invested in developing a very strong brand platform starting with their name, their icon and ensuring that they build their core values — trust, security, and safety– into their product.Their logo is the elephant named Max to signify someone that never forgets as they wanted to tap into an image that they could personify. Max’s size depicts the company’s offering to their consumers in relation to storage and the peace sign is aimed to make them feel secure in storing their content with Trunx. Apart from Max’s trunk, the name of the app also pertains to a ‘trunk’, a place where we usually store our things.

It didn’t come easily though as this was not the first ideas they had. About the month before they launched, they actually had a competitor who released an app with almost a similar name and this compelled them to go back to the drawing board and went through the process again. It was all worthwhile though as they have received great feedback from users on their branding and their consumers simply love them.

On boarding Process: The Simplier, The Better

Early results during their testing on log in methods showed that giving people fewer options to log in has worked out better for them compared to asking them to login using emails and through different social media platforms. The option that led to better conversion was a screen which simply asked them to log in or sign up.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to build a mobile app?

Start with something simple and focus on resolving a real paint point for users. Keep the team small to be agile and flexible. Religiously do user testing and be quick because technology is constantly changing and there is a lot of competition so you always have to be nimble.

Show Mentions

– Sandra’s Favorite App: Instagram: (iTunes | Google Play)

– Joe’s Favorite App: Quiz Up!: (iTunes | Google Play)

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