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Twitter - Bear Douglas

Twitter – Bear Douglas


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About the Episode

Are you trying to single handedly build frameworks and functionalities? Well today’s guest walks us through Twitter’s mobile development platform, Fabric and how you can save loads of time integrating its SDK. Also, if you are creating something that caters to app developers listen to her advice on how to present coding demos.

Bear Douglas is a Developer Advocate at Twitter & Fabric.

Show Notes

Easy-Integrating Fabric

Fabric is a set of modular SDKs for both iOS and Android that offers a suite of functions from crash supporting, beta distribution and light weight analytics.MoPub is one of their flexible ads SDK that lets you pick and choose from a group of different ad formats and find the right one that suits your app.

Integrating Fabric is a matter of clicking a few times through their ID plug in, there are no complicated instructions that you have to go through and read on separate sites, you just need to follow the step by step guide inside their plug in

Presenting Brilliant Coding Demos

A lot of developer advocate have brilliant coding demos and the thing that they all share in common is that they are presenting things in a relatively simple manner. We sometimes forget that when we are diving towards something technical, your listenerneeds time to process the information so we have to move slowly so we are the same page. The more than you can use simple lines of codes that people can follow along with, the better.  Being prepared with a few lines of codes which are legible and easy to follow are more powerful than having the audience watch someone type, not to mention that it is difficult to talk and type.

It is impressive to write codes live but we should not forget the ultimate goal of being able to explain the process to your audience and making them understand how it works. It would also help to document your demos so people can have someplace to reference to if they need more guidance.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to build a mobile app?

Take a good look around at all the easy platform solutions that companies have built to help you out. It’s an easy way to get started and to get something out quicker. Stand on the shoulders of other people and use those tools to get to shipping faster.

Show Mentions

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