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What’s up! Today, I’m gonna talk about two psychological triggers that you can use to make more money in your mobile games. Stay tuned!

The two triggers are very simple, it’s greed and impatience. The lottery system in the states is monetizing using these two triggers. We want lots of money (greed) and we want it fast (impatience).

Mobile Games Using These 2 Psychological Triggers

Here are some of the mobile games that are using these 2 psychological triggers to earn more money.

Fun Run 3 monetizes using greed through its daily rewards that use a great retention mechanism to bring people back into the game. Also, you can see what tomorrow’s rewards is gonna be. The rewards are in increments which entices players to come back for it.

The greed part is, aside from earning a number of coins for visiting the app, you’ll get more by watching a video ad. Since players want to have more coins, most watch the video ad.

For the impatience part, you have to pay 500 coins to enter the arena gameplay, which most players love. If you don’t have enough coins, you can buy enough purchase to increase your money or watch another video ad to access it. Most opt to watch the video ad because they are not willing to pay and reduce their coins in the process.

Brix Block Blast is another game that monetizes using the greed and impatience principle. It allows you to watch a video ad to earn an extra life. This gives players more chances to stay in the app and enjoy it because they can play without paying for it.

These two psychological triggers greed and impatience are simple ways to monetize your mobile game.

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