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Unsplurge – Daniel Lau

Unsplurge – Daniel Lau


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About the Episode

Are you quietly launching your mobile app without ANYONE writing about it? Well today’s guest teaches us his analytical approach to reaching out to the press that has landed his app on Life Hacker, CNET, Pando Daily and many more publications. Also, listen to the awesome email tool that he recommends and why it’s something that I’m now using.

Daniel Lau is the CTO and co-founder of Unsplurge.

Show Notes

With the thousands of apps out there, it is now becoming a feat to get featured by Apple. For our guest for this episode though, fate had a hand in arranging this for him and added by his fearlessness in approaching people to tell the story behind his app, he was able to get his app in that coveted spot.

We have Daniel Lau, the developer and maker of UpWord Note and Unsplurge with us to share to us about this experience and more.

Here are the highlights of my discussion with Daniel:

  • A background on their two apps: UpWord Note and Unsplurge, where the idea for their apps came from and their focus between the two,
  • Their pricing model and strategies such as having intervals where their apps are given free,
  • How they arrived with their marketing video and the cost of getting a high quality one,
  • Filtering and incorporating customer feedback but sticking to their apps’ value of simplicity,
  • How a lucky plane seat number bagged them an Apple feature and how they got press from  other publications, and
  • The app venture eating up their savings and other challenges in monetization. 

Daniel also gives us a great tip in tracking emails through Bananatag that we can creatively use towards getting press, so listen in!

Show Mentions

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– Site: Banana Tag
– Fav app:

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