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Today’s guest shares 3 simple strategies that has helped his app get shared with more users. Also, you’ll discover the differences of being featured under the games category vs the apps category, how he was featured through a couple of different referrals and lastly how he cleverly incorporated his in-app purchase within the story of his app.

Semyon Polyakovskiy is the Founder at Maginary.

Show Notes

3 Strategies for Your App to Get More Shares

There were three points which they have employed to get to be viral: one is the ‘share’ button under Menu, and the second one is right at the end, when the user is about to finish the book. During this time, the app captures a video of the user interacting with the app, which they can later share to others. Unfortunately, people do not share this in social media as they have intended, but surprisingly, they share this in Messenger, which made the app viral.

In the third point, they added an option where users can keep on reading other books if they share it to their friends, instead of paying for the full version. When users hit a paywall, they have created a backdoor (by going back to the previous page of the book) to let them discover that they can go over this paywall by inviting friends. If they don’t find out about the back door, they send out push notifications until the user gets led to it.

Getting an Apple Feature Through Referrals  

For Maginary to be featured by Apple, they looked for Russian Apple contacts since they were aware that Apple has editorial teams in different countries. They got lucky because one person who had beta access to their app had a contact in Apple and had shared his email address over to them. Two weeks after they contacted the App Store Manager, they got featured as their app was unique.

When they got featured by Apple though, they were placed under the Books category, and the issue in being in this category was that they were tagged as an app instead of a game. Because of this, they didn’t get a lot of impressions – 10x lesser than when they were featured in the Games category.

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