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Wewin – Syd Dufton

Wewin – Syd Dufton


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About the Episode

How do you overcome rejection after rejection to finally feel like you made it? Well today’s guest talks about his entrepreneurial failures and how he landed big brands such as the Red Cross, GAP, Foot Locker and many more. Also, listen to his tip about the amount of time you should give your idea before calling it quits.

Syd Dufton is the CEO of WeWin.

Show Notes

Trials to Triumps

Syd shares that the reason why people think he is successful is because he failed more than anyone he knows but he does not let this bother him. One story he shared was the time when they have created a language instruction company in mobile phones. They were teaching English executive in big companies and have big potential for success when 9/11 happened. A week after the tragedy, these companies shifted gears and decided to invest in other forms of technology. In the span of weeks, Sydliterally went from having the greatest idea ever to their company completely put on the side.

Another test of will came from his venture with the Red Cross. Knowing that he has a technology platform which can do amazing things, Syd has approached lots of businesses for him to be able to contribute. One of these is the Red Cross but it took them about a year of hard work and knocking on doors before they got in. Despite the ‘No’s’ that he got, Syd persisted because he knew in his gut that was the right thing to pursue, he believed in his idea and that his product offerings can help people.

In all of these trials, he kept faith, believed in himself and had always pushed himself to move forward.

Syd’s 3-year Rule

Syd believes that there is a cycle in the field of technology. If a project is still undone, not being acquired, have not become part of a new project, etc. in three years, then it is not meant to be and you might be in the wrong space.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to build a mobile app?

Trust yourself and just do it. If you have a good idea, give it a shot as you don’t want to be regretting it why you didn’t I do it. Better to do it and to fail, at least you tried.

Show Mentions

– Fav app: Blood Donor by Red Cross: (iTunes)

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