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Blue Label Labs - Bobby Gill

Blue Label Labs – Bobby Gill


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About the Episode

Have you been developing apps and releasing it to the app store with any real user feedback? Well today’s guest talks about the soft-launch strategy he used and the surprising lessons learned from it. Also, listen to the part of the show where he shares a ninja tip on how to get more customer referrals.

Bobby Gill is the Co-Founder and CEO of Blue Label Labs.

Show Notes

Opting for soft-launches

The app that you put out right now is probably not the best that it can be so Bobby opts for soft launches for his app. Their idea behindsoft launching is picking a few select markets (it helps having a general user data which is the same as the US) and getting the initial version of the app out there so it can be tested by a wide variety of users.  The users will then use it, get back to them with feedback and in turn, they will take those feedback in and refine the app in a series of releases after that process.

The first time you release your app to the public, you will learn so much on what works and what doesn’t. It certainly helps to get into the users’ heads, especially with games, which has so much mechanics. It also helps with your budgeting and in developing you own marketing strategy.

Getting customer referrals

Blue Label Labs doesn’t do paid marketing or outbound advertising yet people find them. It’s because their business is built up by a lot of customer referrals. Bobby shares that your clients are your biggest advocates so you should treat them right and they will tell the world about you.

Sometimes if their clients negotiate with price, they would agree if they will give credits or put up a link up about their company in their landing page. They both get a win-win when it comes to long term marketing.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to build a mobile app?

Build something that’s got an audience that you can reach and that is looking for you.There are a million apps in the app store now and most topics have been covered. Find a topic that is relevant or find a niche or a small group of people who haven’t been served.

Show Mentions

– Fav app: Seamless: (iTunes)

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