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My favorite way of writing app descriptions when I am stuck is to use App Annie. This tool is free and I have been using this for different types of apps, may it be games, health and fitness, etc. To start off, I pull up a competitor’s app and take a look at the app description.  Here are some tips this early on:

  • Break sentences down into readable chunks rather than going for a long one.
  • Lead with social proof by mentioning that a million has already downloaded the app. If a million people are using then, then they might as well download it too.
  • My third tip is to use words and phrases which users are leaving in the reviews on why they love the app. For this section, you can view reviews by clicking the link ‘Review’ on the lefthand side. To get going:
    • Change the date range to one year so see more items and play with the other filters to fit your need.
    • Go through the entries and use the stories that people are giving out to be used in your app description.
    • Look for the objective comments and veer away from the subjective ones.
    • Go for themes or recurring comments. Do not focus on comments which are just one off.

Think of your app description as a balance between keywords and high conversion. Ask yourself how you can capture interest in the few sentences with social proof and hit them with key words and phrases which customers use to get them into the app.

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