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Screenshots are important in increasing downloads so do not leave it off the table. If you are acquiring new users with the intent to increase your CPI, you must convert to downloads the clicks that you are getting from social channels such as Facebook, Instagram and search ads with the help of effective screenshots.

In addition to this, a dead simple way to increase your download conversions is to use the right words in your screenshots. The find out what you should write, you can go to AppAnnie, pull up the app that you want to view and go to the Reviews section. You can play with the filters such as choosing the dropdown ‘Critical’ to see reviews with 2 stars and below. You can read through what people are saying and sift through languages as well. You can also choose to view reviews by country. Through this, you can get insights on the things which your app needs improvement on or, if you are checking out the competition, the things that you should avoid.

To find out the opposite, you can choose the dropdown ‘Favorable’ as this will show you reviews with more stars. The site also has a feature where you can search a term so as you can place in the word ‘love’, for example, to see comments where people are stating what they love in the app or why. The word ‘suggest’ can also lead you to discover more features that you can incorporate in the app.

Once you have this newfound knowledge of what people are talking about in the App Sotre, you can then apply these in your screenshots as it will immediately grab attention. Example, if you have seen that users love to wake up with music using your alarm app so they suggest that you tie up with Spotify, you can work on this as a new feature and update your screenshot with a music instead and place this new integration as a new headline.

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