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Xanadu - Mariya Yao

Xanadu – Mariya Yao


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About the Episode

Are you coming up with app ideas based on your own needs and desires? Well today’s guest uses data to talk about the correlation between how an idea is generated versus the amount of revenues it sees. The results may surprise you. Also, listen to the part of the show where she talks about the on-boarding experience and the common mistakes that you maybe making (I know I certainly have).

Mariya Yao is Founder & Creative Director at Xanadu.

Show Notes

Our guest of this episode is Mariya Yao, Founder and Creative Director at Xanadu, a mobile strategy and design consultancy. Mariya will share to us how we can come up with an idea that’s actually worth building, how to make your products right and the common failures we should watch out for.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Mariya:

  • About Zoku, a failed venture which they shut down after a year due to challenges in intensive data mining and expense plus the main lessons they learned from the project,
  • Missing steps when we develop an app that solves your personal pain point and, in contrast, the gains of pursuing existing businesses and just moving it to a next vertical to outperform the competition,
  • Deciding whether to build a product that would serve as a vitamin or one which will be a pain killer,
  • Common mobile design mistakes and usual tactical failures,
  • Xanadu’s early struggles and how they found clients, and
  • Tips on how Mariya lands speaking gigs and conferences.

As you will hear from Mariya, you are not a legit entrepreneur if you do not have one failure under your belt.  So do not let the fear of failure stop you from trying…go for it!

Show Mentions

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