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Yapp - Maria Seidman

Yapp – Maria Seidman

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About the Guest

Think entrepreneurship is just something you’re born with? Well, listen to how today’s guest became an entrepreneur by obsessing over her idea. She didn’t seek out entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship found her. Also, listen to the story of how today’s founder got kicked out of Starbucks because she was surveying people to get early user feedback. All that and so much more.

Maria Seidman is the co-founder and CEO of Yapp.

About Yapp

From Yapp website: 

Yapp was founded by Maria Seidman and Luke Melia. A recent transplant to NY, it was Maria’s turn to organize her WINY Group. Frustrated with the email spamming and Facebook posts, she scoured the web for an easy way to create a good-looking mobile application. When she couldn’t find one, she created Yapp. No stranger to apps, before starting Yapp, Maria launched and ran a variety of businesses (include mobile) in her role as Head of Business Development and New Business Incubation for Warner Bros. Digital.

After more than a decade of building products for women (as Director of Technology at Oxygen) and groups (as CTO and GM of Weplay), when Luke heard about Yapp he instantly grasped the vision and plotted to create a Yapp for the Gotham Ruby conference, his volleyball team, his kids’ birthdays, his Family reunion…

Yapp Events aims to help organizations, groups, and individuals quickly and simply create rich and elegant mobile apps to enhance events and gatherings such as weddings, conferences, reunions, classes, book clubs, fundraisers, parties, etc.

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