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Zamurai - Michael Parker

Zamurai – Michael Parker


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About the Episode

Have you always had the entrepreneurial spirit but have always been afraid of letting it loose? Well listen to how today’s guest started building his product at Symantec and eventually made it into its own company. Also, listen to why today’s guest shifted from a paid app into a free one and the new pricing model.

Michael Parker is the CEO and Co-Founder of Zamurai.

Show Notes

People learn in different ways but with our brains processing visual information 60,000 faster than text, it is not surprising that a big chunk of learners are visual. In fact, approximately 65% of the population is visual learners.  With this fact comes the essential need to communicate, express and converse visually as well to ensure that we get our messages across effectively, not to mention, quickly.

Our guest for today is Michael Parker, CEO, President and co-founder of the productivity app called Zamurai. They have developed this ‘whiteboard for today’s mobile generation’ so that your audience can see what you are thinking.

Join us today as Michaels shares to us their impressive download numbers and their latest achievement of being featured by Apple as well as the following:

  • Their methods in validating the market need for their product,
  • Real-time collaboration, removing the need for taking of photo of whiteboards and other problems they want to solve with the introduction of their app,
  • The pooling of seed money for the realization of his brainchild,
  • Michael’s professional and personal paradigm shift from being with Symantec to growing to become an entrepreneur,
  • Sharing of costing models from the freemium route, in app purchases to charge to subscription,
  • The design concepts and development brought about by customer feedback such as sketches to represent basic visual conversations.

Michael also gives us great advice for starting and developing our apps including deciding if you are building an app or a platform, determining what the pain you are trying to alleviate and getting rid of that pain. And lastly, going beyond what is expected and going ahead building that app you so want to create.

Show Mentions

Fav app: Evernote: (iTunes | Google Play)

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