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In this video, I talk about why most conferences are overrated and why they suck. People invest a lot of time to attend them in these events and spend money not just for tickets but also for transportation and lodging so these conferences need to meet expectations. Here are some tips to do this:

  • Audience – most of the time, the audience is too broad. Even if it is an app event, design your conferences with specific target audience in mind.
  • Remove the fluffs – ensure that your audience have concrete takeaways so do not forget to insert the ‘how’. Share proven knowledge which worked for your clients. Your events should be way more than just ‘cool’, people should come home with real tactics and strategies in their suitcases.
  • Networking – make sure to bring the best of the best so limit the number of participants. You can do just 30 attendees and give them a section in the conference to get up on stage and share who they are. This makes everyone aware of what each other is working on and can decide who they want to connect more with. You can also allocate a Mastermind day where your attendees can do a roundtable, talk about their business and get feedback from everyone; and a day for speed networking wherein each of them can speak with all of the attendees one-on-one

Events should be all about bringing awesome people together for one common theme: to connect and build and grow business relationships which will help all of us grow.

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