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There are two strategies which save me time in researching keywords:

  • The App Store – Go to the App Store and look at what Apple will auto suggest when you type a certain keyword. These keywords are those you can potentially use, after checking how they fare in KPIs such as traffic, popularity, difficulty or competition when you load them in Sensor Tower or Mobile Action.
  • AppFollow – They are great in monitoring app rankings and enabling you to respond to reviews right away. This is the tool that I have been using of late to find auto populated keywords. Sign up to the platform then go to the ASO Tools tab, then choose Suggest and Search from the dropdown. This is where you place your keyword and in one click, it will give you a list of suggestions.  All you need to do after that is click Select and Copy and throw them into Sensor Tower or Mobile Action. Using this option enables you to grab the keywords in bulk thereby it saves you a lot of time.

In my previous videos, I also mention that you can search for keywords using Search Ads. You can do the same in AppFollow by going to the ASO Tools tab then clicking on Search Ads Quality Score in the dropdown.  After it shows you the potential keywords, just hit that one button (Select and Copy) and you are on your way.  No need to go through each word one by one so you literally save about 30 minutes of your time.

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