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ASO Angels - Gabriel Machuret

ASO Angels – Gabriel Machuret


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About the Episode

What are the app store optimization strategies that you can use in 2015? Well I brought back Gabriel Machuret the ASO Professional to discuss how the App Stores are changing and what you can do moving forward to rank well for your target keywords. Also, listen to the part of the show where Gab shares the dark side of entrepreneurship – something I believe we should all talk about more.

Gabriel Machuret is the founder of ASO Angels and host of the podcast 30 Day Start Up.

Show Notes

Ranking Well in Keywords

The more apps are placed out there, the more difficult the competition is becoming and victory is becoming more complex to achieve. For ASO, you just can’t do it once and leave it up there, you have to constantly update it but before you make changes,you have to know if you are actually tracking them properly. Gab’s suggestion is to make small words rather than revamping all your key words altogether.  But apart from key words, Gab also urges us to build our brand. For example, in placing titles in, put in non-English titles as Apple usually does not look at that. The usual balance is 2-3 key words for reach and then the name of the app. If a keyword is very long, he suggests putting it in the title as you will be sacrificing too much space.

With everything that has happened to Google – Panda and Penguin – Gab shares that we need to remember that, although ASO is great, Apple can always change the rules. Apple has already changed them a lot of times this year so you have to note that if you are going to build a business that depends on ranking, you are playing their game.

The Dark Side of Entrepreneurship

Sometimes we are so used to hearing amazing stories of success that we don’t really talk about the dramatic ups and downs of being an entrepreneur. There are so manystruggles in the road to entrepreneurship and the amount of work never ends. Entrepreneurs can get depressed easily as being one can be very lonely and the pressure to provide to your family is insane. Entrepreneurs, especially Solo-preneurs, should talk more about how to cope with these struggles as these can be damaging to our psyche.

What advice can you give to anyone looking to build a mobile app?

Do market research non-stop and if you think your idea is amazing, pre-sell your idea.

Show Mentions

Micro App Store Optimization

– Fav app: Think: (iTunes | Google Play)

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