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The complete guide to Product Hunt success

When I first heard of Product Hunt I was immediately hooked. I was able to find new and awesome products on there and I was consuming the content on a daily basis.


I started to see people sharing their Product Hunt success. There were startups generating thousands of new users, apps getting thousands of downloads and authors making thousands of dollars.


I started studying. As a “growth hacker”, I wanted to replicate the success that others were having and take it another level. I read every resource I could find – from blog posts to eBooks to podcast interviews.

And now…

I’ve successfully launched an eBook that hit #1 on Product Hunt and generated over $3,000 from Product Hunt alone.

I’ve also helped clients get featured on Product Hunt which has led to thousands of downloads during launch week.

And I’ve discovered a mistake that most startups make when they’ve found success on Product Hunt and will reveal how I’ve turn this mistake for even more press coverage.

Introducing: The 4-Part Series to Product Hunt Success

We put together a no fluff, action-packed blog series that shows you how to find success on the hottest website on the internet.

[box type=”download”] Get the most action packed course on Product Hunt and join me as I reveal EVERYTHING I know about how to find success on Product Hunt. [/box]


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