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You got an Apple feature for your paid app, you are seeing a ton of page views and impressions but sales are nowhere to be found. What do you do?

Every time a free app is featured by Apple, you are going to see, more or less, these number of downloads in a span of a week:

  • Non-game, niche app – 10k – 20k about with a span of a week
  • Productivity, photo, health or fitness app – 20k – 60k
  • Games –100k (six figures)

So the most clever thing to do if you get featured is to make your game free then get press for it.

Step 1: If you get featured on a Monday, for example, convert it into a free one on a Tuesday. You are basically going to run a paid-to-free campaign so the next logical thing to do is to pitch this to BGR and AppAdvice.

Step 2: You will be getting reviews from those who downloaded the app but you can also buy reviews from other places with optimized keywords. Note that this is purely optional.

Step 3: Once the Apple feature is done, make the app paid again. After it goes paid, you will now have those bunch of reviews to help you out. It is also important for you to update your screenshots highlighting about the recent Apple feature for it to convert well.

Step 4: Run search ads and ensure you know which keywords are best for you to monetize more.

This is how you leverage an Apply feature to make your App Store presence stellar.

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